Meert Patisserie & Tea Room


27 rue Esquermoise

Tel: 00 33 (0)320 57 07 44

Web: Meert Patisserie


If you are gasping for a cuppa and a little bit of what you fancy, then Meert patisserie on rue Esquermoise offers a welcome breather.

Meert is the oldest and probably the most beautiful team room in Lille. Indulge your palate with all sorts teas, coffees, macaroons, cakes and savoury snacks on their menu, but they are most famous for their waffles (gauffres). These are filled with sumptuously sweet Madagascar vanilla. They were a favourite of King Leopold and were so loved by Charles de Gaulle that he would buy a box or two to present as gifts for visiting dignitaries.


Both the tea room and the shop in the front are fabulously opulent with filigree work, chandeliers, wooden counters decorated with glass jars of rainbow-coloured fruit jellies, Turkish delight and marbled marzipan.

You can buy a box of waffles at their shop but 25 euros for a box of 13 waffles though, and 12 mini macaroons cost around €10, so they don’t come cheap but they do come beautifully wrapped.