Wazemmes Flea Market

place de la Nouve Aventure



Open: Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday mornings.
Get there: Metro Republique. Metro 2 to Gare Lille Flandres then Line 1 to Gambetta

The biggest of Lille’s various markets is the Wazemmes flea market located in a central working class residential area at Quartier de Wazemmes: Place Nouvelle Avenutre – New Adventures square. You meet it head on as you emerge from Gambetta metro station and immediately find yourself lost in a mellee of hustle and bustle.

This huge market takes an otherwise ordinary district and transforms it into a very busy, atmospheric and vibrant hive of lively activity every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday mornings.

The Eglise St Pierre-St-Paul is conveniently located in the hub of all the market and from a distance seems to emerge out of a huddle of stalls that snake almost all the way around it. No doubt, local shoppers can receive a good dose of spiritual sustenance before venturing into the marketplace for their physical sustenance. But they will have to pass the antique dealers who congregate to the side of the church and a clutch of jewellery and toiletry stands just in front.


They then have to pass the florists in front of the covered market (marche couvert de Wazemmes)enjoying a burst of colour and sweet aromas thrown out by the flowers from the Flemish, Belgian and Dutch countryside. At last they get to the covered market where lunch and dinner is waiting for them: vegetables, meat and seafood are on offer. Elsewhere in the market the flea element flourishes as second hand clothes, books and various items of junk are sold off.

Though most shops in Lille are closed on Sundays, the shops located in the area around Rue Leon Gambetta remain open taking advantage of the extra trade brought to them by the Wazemmes market.