Notre Dame de La Treille church

Place Gilleson

Open: Hours vary
Bus: 3,6 or 9 from Gare Flandres to Lion d’r. Take rue de la Monnaie then first left to Place Gilleson

This amazing church takes its name from a 12th century statue of the Virgin Mary. It had its foundations laid way back in 1854 in 13th century Gothic style but in 1947 work came to a complete halt as funds had run out. Until 1999 the front entrance was boarded up but new funding was found and the magnificent entrance was finally finished.

The unique façade was designed by local architect Pierre-Louis Carlier in collaboration with Peter Rice, who engineered the Sydney Opera House. If you look at the central marble section, supported by steel wires, it looks impressive at any time. However if you see it at night, its colour glows.

It all looks very new age and the fantastic window by Kijno produces fabulous lighting effects inside.